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Empty Nesters


We all come to a point in our lives where we must move away from the family home. Do you ever wonder how your parent(s) will react when this happens? Will they love it, or will they re-enact Marie from Everybody Loves Raymond and hold on to the leg of […]

They’re Our Parks Too

So now that the pepper spray and karate lessons have failed, what do we turn to next? To begin with, we can stop pointlessly villainising public spaces as a protective measure, because as long as we ignore the actual problem there is no protection, no matter where a woman is alone: park or otherwise.

A Day In The Life of a Student from Woop Woop

Welcome to the world of the travelling student. You won’t find any wanderlust tattoos or posts from our Contiki Tour through Europe, but rather a land of horrific alarm times, sardine-like crowds and the insane and incessant beeping of mykis.   Travelling students, much like their peers, have ups and […]

Adam and Glyn’s Fee Deregulation Bandter


On Thursday night, the National Tertiary Education Union hosted the forum “Deregulation, regulation or…? – A public discussion about the future of Australia’s Universities”. The speakers included Deputy Greens Leader Adam Bandt and Vice Chancellor Glyn Davis. The NTEU billed the topic as “Voters have repeatedly endorsed governments that cut funding to […]

Reviewing Readers, or, Where Did Our Readers Go?


After all, how can you battle the existential ennui brought on through reading philosophy articles without being able to hastily draw Nietzsche, replete with magnificent moustache, in the margins?