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The Melbourne Playback Theatre Company knows how to work its magic


“What happens when an expert panel and an interested audience talk about climate change – especially when there’s a bunch of improvising actors and musicians listening in?”. That was the tagline of an out of the ordinary event that was held at the Union Theatre on August 14; its name […]

For and Against / Masturbation

Masturbation Collage

For: In this article, and just generally in life, I’m of the pro-mazz stance. I consider it a healthy aspect of my sexual practice, something that has helped shape my understanding of my own sexuality; something I do alone and sometimes something I do with a partner. It makes me […]

Gentrification VS. Graffiti

Will Whiten

First semester is drawing to a close and tutorial discussions are tending more towards holiday plans than [insert subject name]. It seems half the student population will be migrating north in search of warmer climes and New York will, as always, be a disproportionately popular destination. People the world over […]

Tracking the Trackers


It was a cold and drizzly Melbourne evening, the sort that seems to sag under the weight of its own dampness. I stood watching the glum faces of overworked Melbournians as they trudged home from jobs they hated, to families they’d lost any enthusiasm towards. This spot, one tram stop […]

Psychology of Scientology


The reception was spotless, fitted with sleek wooden panels and expensive furniture. Rather than stained glass windows or painted icons, there were waiting lounges and staff in formal attire. There was a hushed silence broken only by the tapping of keyboards and the clattering of heels as female staff strode […]