Students Playing Go Club have the main focus on playing the game of Go which is an ancient oriental game of strategy where two players take turns to place black and white stones on the board, fighting to take more territory than the opponent. The rules are simple and can be learnt in a few minutes; however, it is said to take a lifetime to master.

Go is the second most played game in the world, after Chinese Chess, and is an excellent way to develop both logical and creative abilities, as it exercises both sides of the brain. Students Playing Go club meets weekly to play, teach, discuss and enjoy this wonderful game. Players of all levels, including absolute beginners are always welcome to come and take part, and due to a simple and effective handicapping system, can even challenge more experienced players on level terms.

Go is a game of balance, which, some believe, reflects the personality of the player. We hope all students will come along and learn more about this great game, as well as themselves. The day and location of our weekly meetings can be found on our website. If you have any other enquiries please email us.


Students Playing Go
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