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African Club

Representing all African culture on campus, whether you are from Sudan or South Africa, Togo or Tanzania, is our university’s African Club – “Afrika”. Everyone interested in having a good time and enjoying African Culture is welcome, including non Africans! Whether that be the food (from delicious braais to East African pilau) the music (kwaito, reggae, bongo flava, west africa, it goes on), the people and the friendly atmosphere – we have it all.

To join shoot us an email at unimelbafrica[at]gmail.com, any time during the semester. Our facebook group is called “AFRIKA – at the university of melbourne”.

Club Aims:

  1. Provide an avenue for people from Africa and those interested in African culture to meet in a friendly social atmosphere.
  2. To promote African culture on campus.
  3. To raise awareness of social and development issues in Africa.
  4. To liaise with other African student societies in Victorian and Australian universities, along with societies of other cultures.
  5. Provide a point of contact for entities trying to reach African students at the university of Melbourne.

African Club
Mailbox 68
First Floor, Union House
University of Melbourne VIC 3010